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Published on Mar 6, 2024 by Talia Mushinsky

In the charming town of Sycamore, Illinois, there lies a beacon of hope and support for the senior community and those with disabilities. The Voluntary Action Center (VAC) has been a cornerstone of aid since its establishment in 1974. Today, we're diving into the impactful journey of the VAC and its essential programs, including the heartwarming Meals on Wheels initiative, through a candid Kunes Car Convos with Ron Hutter.

The Mission of VAC: Nutrition and Transportation

Cami Loving, VAC's Marketing and Outreach Manager, shares the organization's evolution from a simple volunteer connector to a vital provider of nutrition and transportation services.


The mission of the Voluntary Action Center (VAC) is both simple and impactful: to provide high-quality transportation and nutrition services to those aged 60 and above, or disabled, underscoring a deep commitment to enhancing the well-being of the Sycamore community.

Amber's Journey to Making a Difference

Amber Godinsky's story is one of passion and dedication. Growing up in Sycamore and attending Northern Illinois University (NIU), Amber was drawn to helping older adults in her community. Her journey with the VAC began in college, and today, she proudly leads the Meals on Wheels program, ensuring those in need receive nutritious meals and a friendly check-in, bringing more than just food to their doorsteps.

Beyond Meals: A Wellness Check

The Meals on Wheels program is more than a food delivery service; it's a lifeline for many. With each visit, volunteers offer wellness checks, ensuring every recipient is doing well and connecting them with additional resources when needed. This service has proven invaluable, especially in combating the isolation many seniors face, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Volunteer Spirit and Community Support

The success of VAC's programs is largely due to its volunteers and community partners. Businesses and individuals, including local restaurants such as PJ's in downtown Sycamore and the Lincoln Inn at Faranda’s, actively support the VAC's mission through food donations and participation in fundraising events. Moreover, volunteers, who often share their lunch breaks to deliver meals, play a critical role in this community effort.

A Community Effort to Combat Loneliness

Loneliness among seniors is a significant concern, and VAC's efforts through Meals on Wheels offer much-needed social interaction. Amber's personal stories from her deliveries and the joy it brings, like bringing fresh flowers to clients, underscore the impact of these simple acts of kindness.

Raising Awareness and Overcoming Challenges

Raising awareness about the VAC’s need for volunteers and donations is an ongoing effort. Through community events, fundraisers, and social media, VAC keeps the community engaged and informed about how they can contribute to making a difference in the lives of seniors and disabled adults in DeKalb County.

Looking Forward: How You Can Help

The VAC is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, a testament to its enduring mission and the community's support. Becoming a volunteer or donating to VAC has never been easier, with opportunities to contribute in various ways, ensuring the continuity of these vital services.

Final Thoughts

The Voluntary Action Center's commitment to providing nutrition and transportation services highlights the power of community and the impact of volunteerism. Kunes Auto Group is proud to support VAC's mission, and we invite our readers to join us in this noble cause. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need in DeKalb County


Let's remember, it's not just about the meals delivered or the rides provided; it's about the smiles shared, the connections made, and the lives enriched through every act of kindness. 

Visit VAC's website to learn more about how you can contribute to this incredible organization's efforts.

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